Mission Statement

The Mission of Harold G. Butzer, Inc.

The mission of Harold G. Butzer, Inc. is to serve a customer in such a manner as to become the preferred provider of plumbing, heating, ventilating, air conditioning, piping, sheet metal and refrigeration systems.  In order to gain preferred provider status, the Company will, after a discussion of needs or problem, offer one or more cost effective solutions for customer consideration.

The company will perform the desired work in such a manner as to minimize disruption and to comply with customer schedules.

The attitude, knowledge and enthusiasm of employees is critical to the establishment and maintenance of a trusting relationship with customers.  Accordingly, the Company will employ qualified personnel and will, to the best of its ability, provide steady employment, competitive wages, health insurance, training and other benefits.  Employees will be encouraged to participate in the management of the Company so as to assure quality, productivity and a high level of employee enthusiasm.

The Company will reinvest earnings in labor saving tools and equipment, will  maintain a strong financial position and will provide a return to shareholders which reflects the risks within the construction industry.

The mission of Harold G. Butzer, Inc. is to create a WIN-WIN situation for