The Company upper management, safety officer, superintendents, foremen and employees must assume a degree of responsibility for a safe working environment.


Harold G. Butzer, Inc has the duty and responsibility to provide a safe place to work that is free from recognized hazards.  Harold G. Butzer, Inc. has the duty to provide the proper equipment, training and enforcement of established safety rules and recommendations.


1st Place for Safety Excellence Awarded by SMACNA 2008



Each supervisor has the duty and responsibility of being aware of corporate safety rules and regulations and assuring their employees perform assigned tasks in a safe and proper manner.  Each supervisor shall be responsible to assure his/her employees utilize the proper personal protection equipment when required and to see that his/her injured employee receives prompt first aid/medical treatment deemed necessary and that injuries are investigated and reported accordingly. Each supervisor shall be responsible to make certain that employees are properly trained in their assigned work tasks and that unsafe conditions/acts are not allowed to exist or continue.


Safety picEach employee has the duty and responsibility of following established safety rules and regulations.  Employees should perform their tasks in a safe and proper manner, immediately report all unsafe conditions to their supervisor, use required personal protective equipment and seek guidance when in doubt.  If injured on the job the employee should inform their supervisor.  Each employee is expected to discuss safety and health concerns freely with their supervisor and report any unsafe condition.

Experience Modification
Rate (EMR)
2013 2012 2011
.92 .85 .87


Accident  Information   2013 2012 2011 2010
Number of Hours Worked 
288,168 247,101
Number of Fatalities 1 0 0 0
Recordable Incident 2.54 4.37 2.08 2.43
Lost Workday Case Incident 0 1.46 2.08 0.78