Harold G. Butzer, Inc. assists clients by using a team approach in the pre-construction decision making process.  We offer the following pre-construction services.

Design / Build Engineering

System Options:  Meeting with the customer to understand their specific needs and providing them with a mechanical system that best meets those needs.

Equipment Options:  Selecting the best equipment for the selected mechanical system based on energy efficiency, life expectancy and maintenance / serviceability.

Cost Estimates:  Providing a detailed cost estimate showing labor, material and subcontractor costs.

Construction Drawings:  Provide engineering and CAD drawings required for mechanical construction permit.

Constructability / Value Engineering

Material Options:  Provide alternate material options for cost control and code compliance.

Equipment Options:  Provide alternate cost effective equipment selections to ensure that the client is meeting their objectives within their budget constraints.

Quality Assurance:  Harold G. Butzer, Inc. will review all mechanical system construction documents at multiple levels to ensure a complete and operational system for the client.


Harold G. Butzer, Inc. can provide budgeting information at any stage of a project.

Plan and Specification Estimate

Computerized Take-off:  Harold G. Butzer, Inc. uses Estimation Logistics and Quote software packages for our piping, plumbing and sheet metal estimates

Material Pricing:  Harold G. Butzer, Inc. uses Harrison Publishing Service to get the most current material pricing for accurate project pricing.

Subcontractors:  Specialty work that is not normally performed by our company personnel will be quoted competitively by numerous firms that have the experience and financial capabilities to perform the scope of work.